Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Go on rip her to shreds! - Customization Round Up

Since the weather is so awful, I've been stuck inside a lot armed with a wardrobe full of clothes I don't wear and a fabric scissors. My pet hate is seeing people with too much money buying items of clothing that would have taken them 15 minutes for them to make, eg. Levi denim shorts and the skull cut out tops from Urban Outfitters. Maybe that's just me being bitter because I'm perpetually skint but wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone customized or made their own clothes? I think so anyway I tire of seeing the majority of young ones decked out from head to foot in Topshop's latest without a shred of individuality or effort.
Rant over but here are some of the things I've altered! I hope this inspires people to do the same because if I can do it, so can you!

Cutoff Shorts
Everyone has a ton of old jeans lying around at home that they don't wear anymore? These are the simplest things to make in the world and if you've ever had the problem of buying a pair of shorts and bring them home and your bum is hanging out the back of them (or maybe you like them like that, I'm not judging) you can cut them to exact shape and style as you like. The one in the third picture were dark denim so I put them in a bucket of toilet, yes toilet bleach, for a few hours then rinsed them in cold water and put them in a cold wash, ta-da! Acid Wash! Also if you want to fray the ends then use a cheese grater!

Tie Dye Body Con Dress
This was a maxi dress I picked up on sake in New Look for €6, now I'm 5ft 2 and I may as well wear a potato sack instead of a maxi dress but I adored the tie dyed material (although you could do that yourself too) so I bought it and made it into a body con dress ending above the knee. In my absence of a sewing machine I used Iron On Hemming Web which I think cost €2.20 for four meters and does the job perfectly!

Galaxy Leggings
These look much better in person, quite similar to galaxy leggings. I bought a plain pair of dark purple leggings from Penneys years ago and never wore them so I experimented by scrunching them up with elastic bands as if to tie dye and putting them in a bucket of bleach. The result was webs of pink, purple, white and grey and everyone has been asking me where I got them!

Cut Out Skeleton Top
People pay 30 something euro for these in Urban Outfitters? It took me 15 minutes to make this out of a men's t-shirt. I made a black tank top version for my best friend too. Google the template, trace it on and cut it out, couldn't be simpler! 

Collared Crop Top
You can pick up broderie anglaise in any haberdashery but chances are you might have some lying around at home like I did and it's just a matter of sewing it around the collar of any top that takes your fancy. I especially like it on old band tees!

Happpy DIYing!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Back to college essentials!

Hello, hope you all had a lovely weekend like I did.
So that time has come around again, back to college, long days, impromptu nights out, forgetting to do your washing, then scrambling for something clean to wear to class the next morning and not given a shit what it actually looks like. (well if you're anything like me, that's what September means!) Some of you may know I studied Fashion Industry Practice last year but this time I'm moving back to the big shmoke to try my hand at Journalism which I'm very excited about. You would assume that one studying fashion would always be well turned out in the latest trends and walk into the classroom each morning looking perfectly groomed, sadly this was not the case with me. Being stylish with a hangover is not my forte and I had to walk 40 minutes to college each day in all weather I usually arrived thoroughly windswept with a head like a bag of cats.
I am determined that this year will be different though! Lots of basic items and a few standout pieces, a nice big, durable bag that will go with most outfits, practical shoes (practical doesn't always mean ugly!), make-up I'm sure will hold up all day, running for the bus etc and some accessories like scarves that I can just throw on if I think I look a bit dull. 
Now, when someone mentions basics the majority of Irish people immediately dash into Penneys and I was no different but I've definitely learnt my lesson there. Think about it, things like plain t-shirts, skirts, plain bags and jeans are something you're going to be wearing a lot so it's better to have something that is well made and will last which from experience Penneys items do not fit that standard. Plus the country and her sister's are always wearing the entire range! I think it's worth spending a bit extra on something that will last longer and being washed with the unavoidable cheap detergent of  indeterminable brand preferred by students. American Apparel if you're feeling particularly flash but H&M, Topshop, Zara and Monki online are also great.
I cannot stress enough how much wear I'd get out of the clothes in these sets

Well there you go! On top of this make sure you have a multitude of plain black tights and hats also, they're indispensable!

what are your college essentials?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This is what makes us Girls - Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey aka Lizzie Grant has been the cause of much controversy since she burst into the limelight accompanied by the huge hype that surrounded Videogames, and the even bigger hype that surrounded her questionable plastic surgery and dubious live performances. One thing that can't be denied though, is the girl's got style! 
Lana Del Rey describes herself as a "self styled gansta Nancy Sinatra" and following videos compiled of vintage disconnected video clips, getting signed to NEXT Model Management and a campaign for H&M, she has become my summer style hero for 2012.  There's something about that "I'm going to play tennis in the Hamptons and then get really drunk in a crap bar and dance on the pool table" mentality that appeals to me.
In this blog post I'm hoping to recreate some of my favourite Lana Del Rey looks from high street street shops!

Look One 

Look Two 

Look Three

Who is your Summer Style Icon?

Let's go to the beach! - Outfit of the Night

As you'll soon notice most things don't go quite as planned in my life, so as the annual summer event of Wexford (cough) The Stores beach party drew near I was in two minds on whether or not to make an appearance. I decided that the long soothing process of getting ready for a night out would help me make up my mind, well this is what most girls would say, realistically it takes me 20 minutes to get ready to go anywhere. I didn't end up going so I decided to do an Outfit of the Night so putting on clothes and make-up wasn't completely futile. Apologies for the dodgy pictures, it was nighttime and my camera is crap.

Make Up


What I used 
Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation in 010 Vanilla
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15
Catrice Skin Finish Powder in 010 Transparent
Urban Decay NAKED Pallet - Hustle, Gunmetal, Darkhorse and Sidecar
Essence Liquid Eyeliner 
Barry M lipstick in 212
Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara


Bikini Top - New Look
Sheer shirt - Penneys/Primark
Shorts - Penneys/Primark
Shoes - New Look

Sunday, 22 July 2012

July Wishlist

This bag actually makes me weak at the knees and if I came across a spare €2000 and something in the morning chances are I'd probably blow it all on this baby. An Italian made ponyhair and calfskin leather messenger style bag that is sure to go with everything and is the perfect size to carry around everywhere. Over two grand is a ludicrous price to pay for something you literally throw all your crap in but I get sick of using at the same handbag after a few weeks and grow to despise it but how could anyone get tired of this beautiful creation?
I'm notoriously picky about boots and tend to just stick with my Docs all year round. Said Docs are +10 years old and have survived milestones such as Oxegen and numerous camping trips in their lifespan so naturally enough they've seen better days. Chelsea boots were huge on the high street last A/W but with the Irish weather, it's doesn't seem like we'll be prancing around in flip flops anytime soon so these are great for everyday wear and I personally would even wear them on nights out. 
Simply because it's Miu Miu, shamelessly pretty, costs nearly a grand and this is a wishlist!
I think this is vital to my being.
Sick to death of wearing heavy jackets on summer nights out? I am. Usually I just throw on my leather jacket  without even thinking about it but this is a much lighter, prettier alternative. This year everything from hair to shirts seem to be ombred and with the monochrome floral pattern fading into black around the waist and bum area this is definitely a flattering piece! Even though it's from Topshop, does anyone else feel this looks super expensive?
6. Purple Denim Shorts
I live in denim shorts and opaque tights during the summer and have a lot of denim ones that I've made myself or customized and I adore the colour and fit of these. Tieing in with both the athletic and pastel trends that have been floating around this season, I think these are a far better alternative to your average Levi cutoffs that everyone seems to be wearing. These beauties are from a Dublin based vintage clothing and accessories webstore 9 Crow Street and are unfortunately sold out but they have an amazing supply of customized shorts!
I need new glasses in a bad way and I'm (ahem) positive that these would give me perfect 20/20
If only the biggest problem in life was deciding which Alexander McQueen clutch to buy. While I definitely have more pertinent issues (and couldn't afford one even if I sold all my entire wardrobe) I still dedicate an obscene amount of time obsessing over my favourite. This is the current flavor of the month.

What's on your wishlist?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation Review

Like most Irish ladies, I have inherited a ghost like pallor which is completely incompatible for make up shopping. For those paler than a MAC NC15 finding a decent high street foundation can be quite a chore and I've spent countless hours pouring over testers only to emerge disappointed with a brown swatched neck. I have used GOSH X-Ceptional Wear foundation in shade 11 Porcelain for a few years now and while it did the job for a pretty decent price it never really matched my skintone, always a shade too dark.
Today however, my long suffering mother was sick to death of me complaining about how orange I was so she offered to treat me to a new foundation. Off I went with my rose tinted glasses on, full of hope that THIS would be the day where I would find the perfect foundation for under €20. After several disastrous swatches of foundations that claimed to be in shades such as "ivory" and "alabaster" that to be honest would have been better off entitled "brown" and "browner".
 I decided to try the Revlon counter. I've never bought a Revlon foundation before and hadn't really heard much about them., I tried out the tester of the Photoready Airbrush mousse foundation in the shade "010 Vanilla" and was pleasantly surprised when it blended in perfectly with my, let's be real here, white neck. THRILLED I literally flung €20 at the sales assistant and ran out the door. (There was a discount in the Wexford branch of Shaws so I think it was around €15) 

This foundation comes out as an airy lightweight mousse but when touched it deflates into a creamy foundation making it easier to apply with brushes, sponges or fingers. The coverage is quite light so I found I needed a few layers to cover areas of problem skin, the formula also had fine light reflecting particles (glitter?) which I find photographs very well but looks a tad odd up close and personal. Regardless of this, I found when applied and set with concealer and translucent powder the effect is very natural and light. This was a welcome change from feeling caked in make up too dark for me and is akin to your skin but better!