Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Go on rip her to shreds! - Customization Round Up

Since the weather is so awful, I've been stuck inside a lot armed with a wardrobe full of clothes I don't wear and a fabric scissors. My pet hate is seeing people with too much money buying items of clothing that would have taken them 15 minutes for them to make, eg. Levi denim shorts and the skull cut out tops from Urban Outfitters. Maybe that's just me being bitter because I'm perpetually skint but wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone customized or made their own clothes? I think so anyway I tire of seeing the majority of young ones decked out from head to foot in Topshop's latest without a shred of individuality or effort.
Rant over but here are some of the things I've altered! I hope this inspires people to do the same because if I can do it, so can you!

Cutoff Shorts
Everyone has a ton of old jeans lying around at home that they don't wear anymore? These are the simplest things to make in the world and if you've ever had the problem of buying a pair of shorts and bring them home and your bum is hanging out the back of them (or maybe you like them like that, I'm not judging) you can cut them to exact shape and style as you like. The one in the third picture were dark denim so I put them in a bucket of toilet, yes toilet bleach, for a few hours then rinsed them in cold water and put them in a cold wash, ta-da! Acid Wash! Also if you want to fray the ends then use a cheese grater!

Tie Dye Body Con Dress
This was a maxi dress I picked up on sake in New Look for €6, now I'm 5ft 2 and I may as well wear a potato sack instead of a maxi dress but I adored the tie dyed material (although you could do that yourself too) so I bought it and made it into a body con dress ending above the knee. In my absence of a sewing machine I used Iron On Hemming Web which I think cost €2.20 for four meters and does the job perfectly!

Galaxy Leggings
These look much better in person, quite similar to galaxy leggings. I bought a plain pair of dark purple leggings from Penneys years ago and never wore them so I experimented by scrunching them up with elastic bands as if to tie dye and putting them in a bucket of bleach. The result was webs of pink, purple, white and grey and everyone has been asking me where I got them!

Cut Out Skeleton Top
People pay 30 something euro for these in Urban Outfitters? It took me 15 minutes to make this out of a men's t-shirt. I made a black tank top version for my best friend too. Google the template, trace it on and cut it out, couldn't be simpler! 

Collared Crop Top
You can pick up broderie anglaise in any haberdashery but chances are you might have some lying around at home like I did and it's just a matter of sewing it around the collar of any top that takes your fancy. I especially like it on old band tees!

Happpy DIYing!


  1. wow, these are amazing DIYs! The tie dye dress and cut off shorts look amazing :) and yeah, people pay so much for them in shops, i need to attempt some of these! thanks for the inspo! :)xo

    1. You're very welcome, they're all very simple!
      I'll definitely be checking your blog on a regular basis too, some fantastic stuff for sale!x

  2. So awesome! Way to make the old, new again! :)


  3. That collar is beautiful, please be mine!