Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My week in pictures

1. I missed the bus home from college today so I decided to go for a wander around Rathmines to pass the time until the next one. Oh a whim, I called into The 3rd Policeman and consequently missed the next two buses. This place is quite literally an Aladdin's Cave for vintage enthusiasts, I fell in love with this fur coat which was reduced to €50 (!!!). My other favourite bits were the army parkas, mink hats, lace collars and the most divine antique typewriter in the world. 
2. Ever single autumn I get caught up in the obsession of finding the perfect pair of ankle boots. As much as I love my Docs, they have been through the wars and are starting to look seriously battered (and not in a stylish way) so I decided to invest in a dressier pair. I picked these up in Korkys for €45 and although I do like them I would have prefer if they were flatform...
3. The very best thing about being home.
4. I've nearly caught up on Styled to Rock and the most recent episode I watched was the Katy Perry one. I thought the brief behind the outfit the contestants had to design was amazing (The Craft X Pastels) and as usual, Jacqueline's and Steve's looks were by far my favourite! Although I found Megan a bit wearing at times, I was devastated when she was sent home and I thought she was very composed and dignified. Also, how hot is Katy Perry with her purple hair?
5. The only good thing about cold weather. 
6. I bought the Topshop brand lipstick in Hazard the other day. I've been meaning to pick this up for ages to replace my beloved MAC Dubonnet. Swatched it looked quite similar to the dark red shade and I'm a huge fan of the formula of Topshop lipsticks, so moisturizing and longwearing but when I applied it, I was so disappointed. On the lips the shade is very dull and definitely didn't live up to my expectations. The search for a dupe continues...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Halloween Lookbook

It's my almost my favourite holiday again and year the trend gods smiled on those of us who are inclined towards the darker side of fashion with the shops bursting at the seams with leather, studs and velvet. Although I most certainty will be going all out on the night itself in regards to a full on costume, I will be getting myself into the swing of thing in the run up by releasing my inner fashion goth. 
Tis the season to be spooky!






Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

#4 Wishlist

It seems to me that Jeffery Campbell have a new collection out every day for me to cry over and my most lusted after pair is a changes like the wind but the temptation to spend my student grant on these beauties is too much for me, can I just paradoxically clomp around like a ballerina? 

Crimson Metallic Skirt
I adore wearing velvet in the winter and this skirt makes me feel all (don't shoot me) Christmassy! ROMWE is rapidly becoming my favourite online store, they literally have everything and does anyone else think this is a pretty decent dupe for the American Apparel skirts? If so, it's half the price...


I'm going to be a complete fashion snob and say I think that Baroque is only done well by designer labels with perhaps the exception of Motel but this is pushing the boat out even for a wishlist. The work in this dress (it costs over six grand FYI) is absolutely stunning, in the parallel world that occupies my daydreams, I've paired this with thick black tights and gold studded ankle boots... 

Even my 13 year old sister knows who Mary Katrantzou is due to my gushing over the infamous typewriter dress (I would like that too, just saying). I usually don't have anytime for knitwear but as this is a fine oversized knit I think it would work perfectly for layering over a black sheer shirt and some leather leggings for a polished day to night look. 

5. French Maid's Dress and Photographic Block Pad by JW Anderson for Topshop 

Inspired by "youth, pop and subcultures" I was very excited to discover JW Anderson was collaborating with my favourite high street shop, unfortunately the Topshop's in Dublin are not as well stocked as I would have liked and I find everyone in the euro zone gets royally fucked over ordering from the UK website. I have a serious thing for utility uniforms so I need this dress in my life and I just want the paper block to add a bit of high fashion to my dreary college bedroom.

Image 1 of ASOS Clear Plastic Shopper With Bright Lining
I'm in desperate need of a new handbag as I hate mine with a vengeance. I want to embrace this 90's plastic accessories trend so I might just have to purchase...

Thanks for reading, what's on your winter wishlist?