Monday, 30 July 2012

Back to college essentials!

Hello, hope you all had a lovely weekend like I did.
So that time has come around again, back to college, long days, impromptu nights out, forgetting to do your washing, then scrambling for something clean to wear to class the next morning and not given a shit what it actually looks like. (well if you're anything like me, that's what September means!) Some of you may know I studied Fashion Industry Practice last year but this time I'm moving back to the big shmoke to try my hand at Journalism which I'm very excited about. You would assume that one studying fashion would always be well turned out in the latest trends and walk into the classroom each morning looking perfectly groomed, sadly this was not the case with me. Being stylish with a hangover is not my forte and I had to walk 40 minutes to college each day in all weather I usually arrived thoroughly windswept with a head like a bag of cats.
I am determined that this year will be different though! Lots of basic items and a few standout pieces, a nice big, durable bag that will go with most outfits, practical shoes (practical doesn't always mean ugly!), make-up I'm sure will hold up all day, running for the bus etc and some accessories like scarves that I can just throw on if I think I look a bit dull. 
Now, when someone mentions basics the majority of Irish people immediately dash into Penneys and I was no different but I've definitely learnt my lesson there. Think about it, things like plain t-shirts, skirts, plain bags and jeans are something you're going to be wearing a lot so it's better to have something that is well made and will last which from experience Penneys items do not fit that standard. Plus the country and her sister's are always wearing the entire range! I think it's worth spending a bit extra on something that will last longer and being washed with the unavoidable cheap detergent of  indeterminable brand preferred by students. American Apparel if you're feeling particularly flash but H&M, Topshop, Zara and Monki online are also great.
I cannot stress enough how much wear I'd get out of the clothes in these sets

Well there you go! On top of this make sure you have a multitude of plain black tights and hats also, they're indispensable!

what are your college essentials?


  1. wow. all outfits and the combination are very good and amazing! your blog is very interesting and cute <3