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Cinderella must go to the ball! - Top 10 Debs dresses

As another very expensive time for girls around my age is coming up, I've decided to do a post on the debs, whether if be your own or you are the arm candy for some lucky guy (or lady). If you haven't got your dress already, my heart goes out to you! I was in the exact same boat last year for my own debs and was so panicked that I thought it was the end of the world. I find that Ireland do a very limited selection of formal dresses at affordable prices if you're not into the diamante riddled, cleavage bearing cut out frocks that will result in your nana refusing to get in the family picture with you. All is not lost fortunately, with more and more Irish girls choosing to buy their dresses online on websites such as ASOS (who do next day free delivery FYI) I've decided to do my top ten debs dress available online that will leave you money to get wrecked on jagerbombs and forget about all your dress stressin!


Miss Selfridge

and here's a photo of me on my debs last year :)
My dress was from here and my amazing best friend Sarah did my hair and I did my own make up. I had an absolutely amazing night and I've a friend's debs this month so I can't wait to do it all again! 

1. When shopping for your dress keep in mind that this picture is going to hang in your mother's living room and (hopefully not) haunt you for the rest of your life, so try to pick a classic style of dress. Whatever the current style in fashion maybe just keep that in mind because in a few years time you won't want to die of mortification at what you wore to your debs (confirmation outfits were bad enough!)

2. Invite someone that you're going to have a good time with. I can't imagine anything worse than spending the whole night of the debs with someone who is dull and isn't up for the traditional carry on of shots, shameful dancing and lending you his jacket when you're falling asleep circa 4 AM. Also do you really want to bring someone that's going to get locked and make a show of you by getting wasted and as a result getting sick on your dress? If in doubt bring a friend, male or female. Lots of girls bring other girls dressed up in the female equivalent of a tux and it looks great!

3. Do you own make up! You've been doing it for years and you know what suits you and what doesn't! I had a make up trial at the Benefit counter in Wexford a few days before the debs (along with eyelash extensions, one word, DISASTER) and I ended up looking like a man in drag, a tangerine faced one at that! So I scrapped the whole lot and spent the money that I would have paid to have my make up done on a MAC lipstick and a NAKED pallet and was much more comfortable with how I looked as a result.

4. Don't get too drunk before arriving at the hotel for your meal and pictures. We're young and we're Irish and for most of us our priority for the debs is to get smashed and have a great night but do you really want to be that girl that pukes at the dinner table and has her eyes closed in all the pictures for the local paper? There's plenty of time for drunken debauchery when you have that out of the way!

5. Don't stress out too much. Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready and book your hair, nails and tan appointments (if you're that way inclined) so that you'll have plenty of time to get everything ready. It's for you to enjoy yourself and you only get to have your own debs once so make the most of it!

which dress is your favourite?

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