Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Style Inspiration - Number 1

Hi! Hope you all had a messy bank holiday weekend.
I have been in a style rut since I haven't been up to much lately apart from lazing around my house and those of my friends in baggy t-shirts and leggings, maybe a pair of denim shorts if I'm feeling energetic. This needs to stop and I'm dying for a drastically different look so I took to the internet (where else) for inspiration. I've decided to share with you guys who's style I'm into (this week at least).

Kreayshawn & Lil'Debbie

You either love them or you hate them. I have been girl crushing on the WGM (White Girl Mob) for some time now. I know a lot of people see them as a joke but there's not doubt that these ladies know how to pull together a look. Think school girl x 90's Bay Area + hipster tattoos + a hell of a lot of gold jewelry = white thrash girlo rap? However you want to describe it, it's a hard look to pull off but I'm absolutely fanatical about it. Especially Natassia's new hair in her new video "Go Hard". The whole WGM make an appearance, does that mean they're not fighting anymore?

This is England 

One of my favourite movies and fashion movements of all time, I watched it again the other day and like every other time, I wanted to don my Dr Martens and shave my head. Thankfully the hair shears were no where to be found, that is not to say when This is England 90 comes out (EEEP!) I won't be tempted again. Everything in this film from the soundtrack to the cinematography inspires me and I think the whole cast, different as they may be, offer inspiration from a fashion perspective. My favourites are Milky, Harvey and Titch. Bomber jackets, bleached denim, braces and a overload of Fred Perry and Ben Sherman at the ready!

Courtney Love & Frances Bean Cobain

Craaaaaaazy Courtney.  Sometimes she gets it wrong, oh so very wrong, but when the original queen of grunge gets it right it's stellar! Even when I was trying to source pictures for this post the most appalling ones were coming up and I started to doubt including her but then I remembered that she's always been herself, through her music, clothes and controversial speeches and to me that is what style is about, being yourself and not giving a fuck if other people think you're loopers. She has certainty influenced a lot of current musicians and women of the fashion world (Taylor Momsen GO HOME!) and for that Courtney I salute you!
Her daughter Frances Bean Cobain is a different kettle of fish entirely. Someone anonymously compared me to her on the internet before and I DIED. This young lady is basically rock royalty but judging by her first round of modelling pictures it won't be long before she's famous in her own right.

Frida Kahlo

THOSE EYEBROWS. Flowers in her hair, jewel toned silks, moody cigarettes holding poses, crisp white lace, brodaire anglais and collars. Just yes.

Kate Foley

Kate Foley is head buyer at Opening Ceremony so you know she's going to be so stylish it's hurts. Ranked number 11 in Complex's 50 most stylish people in New York right now, I have fallen head over heels in love with her. You know that naturally stunning girl that everyone bitches about but secretly wants to be? That's Kate Foley. You know that girl that can walk blindly into her wardrobe, put on anything and emerge looking like God's gift to fashion? That's Kate Foley. Casual yet impeccably polished at the same time this girl has her finger on the pulse of fashion but she's still giving it her own twist. Bow down.

Thanks for reading!
Where do you get your style inspiration?


  1. lovely blog doll!
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  2. lots of inspiration! thanks for sharing! where do I get my inspiration? from the fashion blogs and the London streets mostly! :)