Sunday, 22 July 2012

July Wishlist

This bag actually makes me weak at the knees and if I came across a spare €2000 and something in the morning chances are I'd probably blow it all on this baby. An Italian made ponyhair and calfskin leather messenger style bag that is sure to go with everything and is the perfect size to carry around everywhere. Over two grand is a ludicrous price to pay for something you literally throw all your crap in but I get sick of using at the same handbag after a few weeks and grow to despise it but how could anyone get tired of this beautiful creation?
I'm notoriously picky about boots and tend to just stick with my Docs all year round. Said Docs are +10 years old and have survived milestones such as Oxegen and numerous camping trips in their lifespan so naturally enough they've seen better days. Chelsea boots were huge on the high street last A/W but with the Irish weather, it's doesn't seem like we'll be prancing around in flip flops anytime soon so these are great for everyday wear and I personally would even wear them on nights out. 
Simply because it's Miu Miu, shamelessly pretty, costs nearly a grand and this is a wishlist!
I think this is vital to my being.
Sick to death of wearing heavy jackets on summer nights out? I am. Usually I just throw on my leather jacket  without even thinking about it but this is a much lighter, prettier alternative. This year everything from hair to shirts seem to be ombred and with the monochrome floral pattern fading into black around the waist and bum area this is definitely a flattering piece! Even though it's from Topshop, does anyone else feel this looks super expensive?
6. Purple Denim Shorts
I live in denim shorts and opaque tights during the summer and have a lot of denim ones that I've made myself or customized and I adore the colour and fit of these. Tieing in with both the athletic and pastel trends that have been floating around this season, I think these are a far better alternative to your average Levi cutoffs that everyone seems to be wearing. These beauties are from a Dublin based vintage clothing and accessories webstore 9 Crow Street and are unfortunately sold out but they have an amazing supply of customized shorts!
I need new glasses in a bad way and I'm (ahem) positive that these would give me perfect 20/20
If only the biggest problem in life was deciding which Alexander McQueen clutch to buy. While I definitely have more pertinent issues (and couldn't afford one even if I sold all my entire wardrobe) I still dedicate an obscene amount of time obsessing over my favourite. This is the current flavor of the month.

What's on your wishlist?

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