Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A/W Trend Guide Part 3 - One of the Boys

Androgyny is one of my all time favourite styles, and my idiotproof outfit for nights out (you know that moment when you're entire wardrobe is strewn across your room and you've steam coming out of your ears and fire from your nostrils and still have nothing to wear?) is a sheer shirt of some variety buttoned up to the neck, a pair of leather leggings, an oversized denim jacket and my hair up in a bun regardless of it's in fashion or not. Although I am delighted it's a trend for A/W not just because of the availability but perhaps I'll stop being called a dyke by plebs now?
Sharply tailored, Savile Row inspired dressing swept the runways for A/W, my favourite's being the absolutely stunning collections from Balmain (still obsessing) and Antipodium. It's also great to see the introduction of brighter colours and a variety of different textures into this trend to freshen it up especially since it was done to death this time last year. Think op-art patterns, shiny fabrics, sheer, velvet and 50 shades of blue. Key Pieces? Turn up pants, leather gloves, embroidered jumpers and anything with a collar.




Fanny & Jessy

Get Inspired!

Mia Wallace

Natalie K on Lookbook

Madelene Billman on Lookbook

Fearne Cotton

How I style





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thanks for reading, who do you think works androgyny the best?

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