Sunday, 26 August 2012

A/W '12 Trend Guide Part 2 - Military

Military is a trend that comes back year after year and it always gets me excited for Winter and I'll probably be shot for mentioning this in August, CHRISTMAS! Like the Gothic trend for this season, military this year is being done on the runway with a grown up edge featuring masculine tailoring, fur accents and expensive looking leather, with not much room for the girlyness or gimmicks of summer. I do think this is the trend to keep in mind whilst buying staples for the season such as coats, boots and bags and to be completely honest I've been putting off buying my winter boots because I've such high expectations from the runway, I blame McQ. Vintage and army surplus stores are a great way to achieve this look on the cheap and ensure you're not marching around in the same Topshop coat as half the country (beautiful though it may be.) I bought an extremely oversized army shirt in Eager Beaver in Temple Bar about a year ago for about €20 and recently studded the shoulders and painted the back, I plan on trying to find a bit of fur to add a collar tied with a black ribbon to finish it off. I find military works best for daytime so I'll be investing in an oversized camo jacket, a new pair of biker boots (they have divine velvet ones on ASOS) and hopefully a army style trench coat. 

Topshop Unique

Dries Van Noten

Topshop Unique


Get Inspired!

Elizabeth Olsen for Glamour 

Dominica Justyna on Lookbook

Bebe Zeva on Lookbook

Melanie Laurent in Inglorious Basterds

Rita Ora

How I Style





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Thanks for reading, what are your key pieces for the military trend this season?

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  1. Love military and structure! It's all about a strong coat for AW! :)